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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Twitter Simon and Schuster Author Chat: 11/3 @ noon EST!

Follow me on Twitter (@lisa_mcmann) and join me for the first official Simon & Schuster author chat, taking place on Tuesday, November 3, at noon EST!

Follow Simon & Schuster too and if you want, send them your questions early so you can read the answers even if you aren't able to make it to the chat. I'll try to get to all of them! I'd really love it if you'd join us.

Also in November:

Kalamazoo Youth Literature Seminar in Michigan on Friday, Nov 13, with author James Owens! Just want to say hi and get your books signed? Come Thursday night, Nov 12.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where you can find me this month

As always, I'm most active on Twitter and Facebook. There are links in the sidebar if you'd like to find me there.

Now for October. Officially and unofficially...here are some things on my calendar that you might be interested in.

*Wednesday, October 14, 8pm EST / 5pm Pacific
Chatting online with Mundie Moms!

Immediately after that at 7pm Pacific, I'm heading out to my local indie, Changing Hands, to listen to fellow S&S author Scott Westerfeld talk about his new awesome book, Leviathan.

*Saturday, October 17, 5pm Pacific, I'll be attending Robin Brande's launch party for her second book, FAT CAT, again at Changing Hands. You should totally come -- Robin is an awesome speaker and both of her books are terrific. Her fist is called Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature, and it recently was optioned for film.

*Wednesday, Oct 21, 6pm Pacific / 9pm EST, I'll be chatting online with Readergirlz for Teen Read Week. Everyone is invited! Please stop in!
And immediately after that, I'll be driving back to Changing Hands for the bazillionth time this month to see author James Dashner talk about his new book, The Mazerunner! (7pm)

*Thursday, Oct 22, 7pm Pacific, I'll be attending The Secret Garden, a musical by Actor's Youth Theatre at the Mesa Arts Center. My kid is in it! And it's going to be awesome. If you live in the valley, please come and support this excellent organization -- shows run Tuesday thru Friday that week. And hey, if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket but you aren't near enough to attend a show, consider dropping them a small donation -- tax deductible (they are a 501C3). Times are tough all over, especially for self-funded arts programs like these that add so much to the community and the lives of our creative teens.

(I am also getting my hair done that day by the amazing Lori, hairdresser to the stars. More red stripes please!)

*Saturday, October 24, all day -- I'll be in Austin, TX at the Teen Book Festival! Just to clarify, this is not just for teens -- all lovers of teen books are invited! This is my first author visit to Texas and I've been dying to get down there, so I'm very excited. If you live anywhere near Austin (or even if you don't), come on out for an awesome day filled with authors and panels and book buying and signings and I'm sure tons of laughs. With that many teen authors in one place, it could get a little dangerous.

*Coming up in November -- Kalamazoo Youth Lit Seminar!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

So I'm working on a new book...

GONE comes out Feb 9, and my part of that (writing it) is done. So yay! Only four months to go. If you haven't stolen my GONE countdown widget yet, you can grab it below.

Meanwhile, I have work to do!

I am under contract for another book with Simon Pulse, and I'm writing it now. It's called Cryer's Cross and it's a creepy paranormal stand-alone novel about a high school senior girl named Kendall who lives in a small town in Montana, where nothing creepy ever happens...until now.

Is there any sort of love story? Why yes, yes there is.

Cryer's Cross is scheduled to come out in spring 2011.

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