Friday, December 07, 2012

A shiny review of CRASH from Kirkus!

Author: McMann, Lisa

Review Issue Date: January 1, 2013
Online Publish Date: December 12, 2012
Publisher:Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster
Pages: 240
Price ( Hardcover ): $16.99
Publication Date: January 8, 2013
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-4424-0391-8
Category: Fiction
Series: Visions
Volume: 1

Seeing is believing…unless you’re the only one with the vision.
McMann kicks off the first book in her new Visions series with a bang. On nearly every flat surface—billboards, televisions and road signs—Jules Demarco sees an out-of-control snowplow crash into a restaurant, causing an explosion and killing those inside. With a depressed grandfather who committed suicide and a moody, hoarder father, she’s certain her Italian family will commit her if they find out about her visions. There’s also their probable anger to contend with: The restaurant in Jules’ vision is their rival pizza parlor, and one of the dead is Sawyer Angotti, her secret, lifelong crush and son of the adversarial restaurateur. As in the Wake trilogy, a strong female protagonist pairs with quick pacing, realistic dialogue and the right amount of romance to drive this suspenseful story. Using clues from her ever more frequent visions, social outcast Jules tries to figure out the exact time of the crash in an attempt to thwart it, risking her already shaky standing with Sawyer, her parents and her classmates. In the process of saving lives, she also discovers some dark family secrets. The teen’s occasional lists of five items, such as “Five reasons why I, Jules Demarco, am shunned,” keep the drama on the lighter side.
McMann is on her way to becoming the next queen of supernatural thrillers. (Supernatural thriller. 14 & up)

--from Kirkus Reviews

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Heise Reads & Recommends: CRASH (Visions, book 1) by Lisa McMann

 The early reviews are coming in for my new teen novel, CRASH!

Heise Reads & Recommends: CRASH (Visions, book 1) by Lisa McMann: Title: CRASH (Visions, book 1) Author: Lisa McMann Publisher: Simon Pulse Release Date: January 8, 2013 Number of Pages: 256 Source o...