Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tales of (Miss Spoobin in) the City

(with apologies to Armistead Maupin)

Business first:
Copperfield Books in Petaluma tonight at 7!

And then. I hook back up with Cassandra Clare and we'll appear in Cincinnati Friday and Saturday.

Then Cassie and I will meet Elizabeth Scott in NYC Sunday, and Cassie and I will do a final library event on Monday.

Tour details here.

In other very important news, I have acquired a friend.

It was in the wee hours of Sunday night that I had a hankering for the world's most perfect food: peanut butter. I was delighted to have a Walgreen's across from the hotel, so I scouted around and to my delight, I found a jar of creamy JIF, my favorite. Bought it and back in my hotel room, I opened it up.
It smelled delicious.

And then.

I realized I didn't have anything in the room with which to eat it. And so I did what all teen authors would do: I tweeted about it.

Meanwhile, I had called room service for ice, and when it arrived, there it was.

A spoon.


All was good in the world.

The next morning, as I packed up for my school visits, I realized that if I left the spoon in the room, housekeeping would take it. And then I would have tragedy in my life once again.

Well, so, I borrowed the spoon, and it traveled with me to school. Of course I tweeted and someone asked me what I'd named her (because she is obviously female).

"Miss Spoobin."

That's what I said. And that is her name.

After that, I got another spoon with room service, and then another and another. I began to hoard them. I have a slight problem, I know.

Can you tell which one is Miss Spoobin? She glows just slightly, of course.

On my travels, I realized just how lonely I was getting because I began showing Miss Spoobin to my new friends. We took photos.

Have you ever heard of the Flat Stanley Project?

This is kind of like that. My friend Daniel sent me his Flat Stanley a few years ago. We took him to pan for gold.

I digress.

Here are some places Miss Spoobin has been, besides the peanut butter jar.

Deer Valley High School:

With radio station host Jim Foster:

Lunch with my friends (who brought me wonderful little individual cups of my fave pb so I can carry them in my purse):

At Clayton Books:

Capuchino High School with Books, Inc. and the You Say Read, We Say Party Book Club:

To my friends in Cincinnati and NYC who want a photo with Miss Spoobin, well, I don't have an answer for you yet as to whether she will be accompanying me. I am not a thief (not anymore, anyway), so I will find the manager of the hotel and ask if I might purchase Miss Spoobin.

Wish me luck.

Hotel manager David just said I can keep Miss Spoobin! Yay, I love David!


Tiffany Schmidt said...

Looking forward to meeting Miss Spoobin (and you) in NYC this weekend!

Joanne Levy said...

I can't wait to meet Miss Spoobin in person sometime. But I'm stoked knowing that me and Flat Stanley panned for gold at the same place. That means we're practically friends. Oh hell, we're practically married.

I'm so glad you have a friend to keep you company while on tour.

deltay said...

Aww, Miss Spoobin seems adorable! Yay for getting to keep her :)

Ravenous Reader said...

Hello Lisa,
I hope you had a great time in the bay area and I wanted to let you know that I have your pictures up on my blog from your visit in El Cerrito. I love the pictures of Miss Spoobin LOL!!

Puffy said...

I think I recognize someone in your pictures.