Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warm greetings to international readers

It is good to have you around!
Some form of the WAKE trilogy already exists, or will soon appear, in the following languages:

Circulo de Lectores / Spanish Book Club
Atlin Kitaplar / Turkish
Patakis / Greek
PT Gramedia / Indonesian
Amarin / Thai
Boje Verlag / German
WYDAWNICTWO Amber / Polish

I wish I could speak all your languages! Hope you enjoy the books.

Also, don't forget to download Cabel's Story for free! Click on the link on my home page: http://lisamcmann.com


Nissie said...

I love your books!!!
Im a mexican fan :) altough I'd rather read books in their original languages, I dont like translations! hehe.
Can't wait for Gone!!!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I finally had a chance to read Cabel's story. I loved it. :D

Anonymous said...

so i´m from austria (not australia) and resently read wake in german, because twilightseriestheories.com ´s book reccomandation. i was of course hooked at the first page, why is it so damn short?? now i´m eaglie wating for the amazon package that contains the second one :) so thx for the awesome books, continue writing..

hannah r0x yoUR soX! said...

this is random but u have no idea how much i want gone to come out!
love your books :)

Sandy_G_C said...

Thank you for your books! I just finished both Wake and Fade today, and I love both of them. Your style is very unique, effective though parsimonious. Very refreshing. I love your characters. They are strong, yet vulnerable, as they have struggles of their own. I can't wait for "Gone" to hit the bookstores here in Manila. I'm sure you'll have more fans here in Asia soon.
I hope there's a forum for your books somewhere. I'll certainly keep an eye out for those. I wonder what books you enjoy reading...