Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Unwanteds tour stops this week & a great review

Please come, I'd love to meet you!

*Sunday, Sept 4, 2011 B&N Alpharetta, GA, 2pm with Margaret Peterson Haddix

*Wednesday, Sept 7, 2011 QUAIL RIDGE BOOKSTORE with Margaret Peterson Haddix 3522 Wade Ave. Raleigh,NC 5:00PM

*Thursday, Sept 8, 2011 THE VERO BEACH BOOK CENTER AND CHILDREN'S STORE with Margaret Peterson Haddix 2145 Indian River Blvd. Vero Beach,FL 6:00PM

*Saturday, Sept 10, 2011 BOOKS & BOOKS with Margaret Peterson Haddix 265 Aragon Ave Coral Gables,FL 3:30PM

See the whole tour here.

And a great review from Shelf Awareness:

In her first book for middle-graders, Lisa McMann (the Wake trilogy) creates a magical adventure that serves as a worthy successor for fans of Harry Potter. The author introduces us to Quill, a land whose governors label artistic children "Unwanted" and deport them to the Death Farm. On the morning of the government's annual Purge, the governors separate the Stowes, who are 13-year-old identical twins: they keep Aaron ("Wanted") and ship Alexander ("Unwanted") off to die. High Priest Justine warns that "creativity [leads] to revolt," which doesn't faze law-abiding Aaron. He will serve her and her Quillitary, an army of Wanteds, and co-exist with the Necessaries (the sect to which his parents belong), who must perform menial labors.

The Unwanteds do not undergo the fate they expect at the Great Lake of Boiling Oil, however. Instead, they are spared by Mr. Today, a mage who has been saving children for decades. He invites them to Artimé, where artists are not punished but rather rewarded and their gifts nurtured. While Quill is colorless and flooded with suspicion, Artimé is vivid and inspires a feeling of security. If their magical world were ever to be unveiled, the residents of Artimé would be prepared to battle with the Quillitary--which would pit Alexander against Aaron.

McMann creates a spectrum of well-defined worlds, peopled with characters that resemble archetypes yet retain original qualities. Stunning fight sequences make use of unique weapons such as slam-poetry charms and origami dragons that breathe fire. This masterpiece delivers a new spin on what it means to be wanted. --Adam Silvera, a bookseller and an intern at Figment.

Discover: A middle-grade dystopia where drawing in the mud gets you banished to the Death Farm. What's on the other side?

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