Saturday, December 20, 2008

A lot of things, like contests

Hello dear readers, there is a lot going on.

First, I want to tell you about a contest that I hope will seriously blow you away. And I hope, in return, you will seriously blow me away.

Starting Tuesday, Dec. 23, my publisher (Simon Pulse) and I are having an essay contest for teens in the U.S. ages 14-18. I'll give out the topic and the complete rules on my website on December 23 (or you can find the topic in the back cover of the WAKE paperback, in many stores now) and you will have a couple months to write the best 500-words-or-less essay you can write. There is a prize...a big one. Remember when we gave away a Wake-skinned Wii in March? This prize is bigger than that. You'll find out what it is on Tuesday.

Second, there will be ANOTHER cool contest coming up beginning January 1 for those of you who don't want to write an essay or don't fit into the 14-18 age bracket. So stay tuned for that one too.

Third, I want to know what you are doing for your holiday break. Are you bored or having a blast? Or maybe not having a break at all?


Anonymous said...


Shalonda said...

Responding to #3: WInter break just started for me and I couldn't be more excited. I plan to sleep in late, finish my last minute shopping, read (of course), catch up on all the shows on my DVR, and sleep some more!

I might find time to cook and clean my apartment somewhere in there.

Marcy Jo said...

Day one of winter break:

Spent three hours in Barnes and Noble.

Winter break forecast: Very very good.

Rhiannon said...

Winter break,

Forecast: Sunny (well not really there is like 3 feet of snow)

Planner: Write an awesome Essay on subject now unknown!

Readingjunky said...

Vacation plans: read, read, read, read ... well, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Umm I am making something for the WAKE LEXICON Contest its pretty cool!