Monday, February 23, 2009

Off topic: lunch

There are few things more satisfying than successfully flipping something in a skillet.

I love to cook and I haven't talked about cooking on my blog in a long time. Today, I will tell you about my lunch because it is SO good.

It is:

brown rice
roasted cauliflower and broccoli
garlic herb shrimp (yes, it was frozen. I live in AZ. Sue me.)
and topped with avocado.

If you are looking to learn to flip something in a skillet, shrimp works well. So do nuts if you ever toast them for salads, etc. You need a skillet with rounded sides -- so it works a little like a half-pipe for you skaters out there. You gotta move fast enough to clear the top but the curve helps you come back down in the pipe, not outside of it (ideally. Heh.). Start with a smaller sized skillet, like an 8 or 9 inch. Shake the food back and forth a little so you get a feel for how much force you need to put into the flip, and then just go for it.

Once you become flawless with tossing non-damageable things like shrimp or almonds, try eggs over medium/hard and then work your way to over easy. It takes some quick wrist movement and a gentle landing. Flipping eggs over the sink on the disposal side is a good idea until you've got it down. :)

Such satisfaction! And it'll impress people. Like being able to shuffle cards the cool way. It looks cool but takes practice to get it right.

(I learned how to shuffle from Laurie Genzink in the locker room in 8th grade. I learned how to flip things in a skillet from Alton Brown.)

Okay, now it's back to the underground where I am writing GONE.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wow, Lisa, you have time to cook? Due to my writing (and reading) obsession, my family has learned to survive with the minimal of culinary delights. But then again, my kids think McDonalds is a fine restaurant. I'm sure even Janie and Cabe's cooking skills are better than mine.

Letter Garden said...

Why brown rice? Is it some special rice? At home we never have brown rice. XD

Lisa McMann said...

Stina, cooking is a great way for me to get a break from the computer, and it gives me some good thinking time, too. I enjoy it as a hobby. :)

LG, you can use any kind of rice. Brown is my favorite because it tastes a little bit nutty and it's got more fiber than white rice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! It was fun seeing you yesterday at IRA.

I don't eat shrimp, but did you know that Arizona is home to several shrimp farms? Yep, shrimp come from the desert now.


Letter Garden said...

Rice with nut taste. Interesting! I should ask my dad to cook some.

morgan ann hollingshead said...

hey maybe you can cook for me sometime lol and my mom cooks to she is amazing she makes us this dish that is amazing its called penne rustoc (oops spelling oh well screw it) and i love cooking to so you should come cooking with me sometime and vist me lol (like that will ever happen but hey you can dream) oh and srry i havent been posting my last name its hollingshead srry guyz