Monday, March 23, 2009

Tour and Twitter

I'm here on twitter: Follow me! I'll be tweeting from the road.

Six stops (plus schools) in the San Diego / Los Angeles area, all with author Cassandra Clare.

Three days in the San Francisco area.

Two days in the Cincinnati area with Cassandra Clare.

Two days in New York City with Cassandra Clare.

I'm excited to meet you! Check the tour page for all the details.


Lana bug said...

omg, you need to make another book...i have read them all and they are.................CRAZY GOOD!!!!!!!i swear i still get flipped out at the parts where Janie is watching cabel from behind the

Anonymous said...

Lisa. I love your books. Picked up wake at the library by randem chance and feel in love. Just bought and finished fade. I know your busy, but tell me will Janie and Cabel still be togather. I have to know cant wait till 2010. If they split, it will break my hart. Keep upi the good work

Puffy said...

Look for me in Pasadena.

J.T Wilbanks said...

It's such a shame that authors never come to the Nashville area, oh well.

Hope you have a trip as you go between citys and schools.