Friday, March 20, 2009


My official tour runs from March 25 - April 6 and I'll be visiting 12 cities.

I'll be with the fabulous Cassandra Clare (City of Glass) much of the tour (except when I'm in San Francisco, she's in Houston). She is the coolest and I can't wait! We'll be doing school visits during the days and signings in the afternoons and evenings.

You can always easily find where I'll be by visiting the tour page on my website.

Up first are the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, including B&N Oceanside, Mysterious Galaxy, Mrs. Nelson's Toys & Books, Vroman's, Borders in Torrance, and B&N Huntington Beach.

Hope to see you in southern California!

P.S. I haven't had a chance to recap the Tucson Festival of Books of last weekend, but my friend Amy did it over at Dog Fact 9, and since I was with her much of the time, this pretty much covers it!


Reverie said...

AH!!! Can i wish upon a star for you all to come closer to the south East? lol


Maya Ganesan said...
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