Saturday, January 17, 2009

We get fan mail

There is a form on my website where you can send me your comments or just say hello.

If you would like a response, please double-check the email address you put into the form. I've replied to a few of you whose emails have bounced. That makes me sad, because then you think I didn't even try. Wah.

As of this moment, 12:10 pm mountain time on Saturday, Jan 17, I have replied to all fan mail. Yes, I am caught up. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa-- *plink*

Er...scratch that. :)

Seriously, though, if you sent me mail through my website form before today and did not get a response, feel free to try again if you want to (and double-check that you spelled your email address correctly).



Unknown said...

Can't wait to read Fade. The day it's released, I'm ordering it. Thank god no postal strikes are looming ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm half way through Wake, not wanting to read too fast because I know it's going to stop at a third book (T_T), and I love it so far! I'm obsessed. Haha.
Yeah, I sent fan mail. :D
:] Have a nice day!