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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fund Your Dreams Contest!!

It starts at midnight in honor of WAKE coming out in paperback, yay!! The Fund Your Dreams essay contest is for U.S. teens ages 14-18 (as of the day you enter - see official rules), 500 words or less, answering the question found on the contest page on my website. Just follow the FUND YOUR DREAMS link.

The prize is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to further your life goals, courtesy of Simon and Schuster and yours truly.


This was a contest that I've wanted to do since before WAKE came out, because I believe in giving back to readers.

Growing up, my parents did all they could for us kids but times were a bit tough financially. I started working odd jobs at age 11 and from that time on, I bought all my own clothes, school books, and put myself through college. It took ten years after college to pay off those loans.

If you've read WAKE, you know what Miss Stubin gives Janie, and also what Captain does at the end. I would have given anything as a teen to have that kind of opportunity. But now I have an opportunity to be on the giving side of things, and I am so honored to have a publisher who understands this passion and was willing to envision it and get behind the idea.

We ran into some problems last year when we were trying to put this project together and I thought the idea was dead. However, a few months ago, my awesome marketing director and team at Simon & Schuster revived it and surprised me with this new concept.

In this crazy economy, I know there are teens out there who could really use some cash to fund a dream. Or maybe you need a little help buying your own clothes and books for school, or you're heading for college someday and are trying to save for that. Or maybe you can't find a part-time job because there just isn't any work out there for teens right now, and your family needs help. Whatever the case, this contest is for you. I wish there could be more than one winner.

Now. I am one of the judges, and I want to suggest a few things:

1. Don't hurry to enter. You only get one shot at it, so make it good. Here's how I'd do it -- I'd think it through for a couple days and then write the best essay I knew how to write and edit it a few times, and then I'd show it to a teacher to get a good critique. Then I'd fix it and put it away for a couple days to get some distance from it, then read through it one last time and fix anything else I wanted to fix before submitting it. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all important.

2. Please, please, please read the directions very carefully before entering. You are smart and you know how to do this. I trust you and I have faith in you. All questions you have should be answered in the rules. If you don't find the answer, read the rules again.

3. This is a personal essay contest. An essay is not fiction. I want to read about real things -- about one real obstacle you've overcome in your life.

I can't wait to read them and learn more about you. Really. I'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it. Happy writing!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A lot of things, like contests

Hello dear readers, there is a lot going on.

First, I want to tell you about a contest that I hope will seriously blow you away. And I hope, in return, you will seriously blow me away.

Starting Tuesday, Dec. 23, my publisher (Simon Pulse) and I are having an essay contest for teens in the U.S. ages 14-18. I'll give out the topic and the complete rules on my website on December 23 (or you can find the topic in the back cover of the WAKE paperback, in many stores now) and you will have a couple months to write the best 500-words-or-less essay you can write. There is a prize...a big one. Remember when we gave away a Wake-skinned Wii in March? This prize is bigger than that. You'll find out what it is on Tuesday.

Second, there will be ANOTHER cool contest coming up beginning January 1 for those of you who don't want to write an essay or don't fit into the 14-18 age bracket. So stay tuned for that one too.

Third, I want to know what you are doing for your holiday break. Are you bored or having a blast? Or maybe not having a break at all?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reasons why you should subscribe to my blog

1. Because I finally updated it to the new layout thingy thing, yay me! I am hip!

2. Because I am bringing back the word hip! Yay!

3. Because you are cool. Yay you!

4. Because in the next few weeks and months, you are NOT going to want to miss the new fabulous contests I'll be having. You thought the Contest-O-Thanks was big? That was NOTHING compared to what's coming up. NOTHING, I say, and I say it again. (Nothing!)****

5. Because I already spent years as a mortified teenager who didn't have any followers and I would be mortified if I still didn't have any.

So, what does following this blog do for you? I don't know! But I feel very strongly that you should. I won't be able to see into your dreams or anything if you do it...(she says, glancing nervously about the interroom)

****this is the real reason you should do it, in case it got lost in the mutual hippy coolness of us

Monday, December 15, 2008

A great review of FADE from Booklist

Here's an excerpt (I don't have the full review yet):

“A great blend of mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, and featuring a strong but vulnerable female protagonist, this episode ends with an irresistible hook for the final installment.”

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WAKE in paperback -- only $8.99

Finally, right? Now you can get your very own copy of WAKE for under ten bucks! And with FADE coming Feb 10, now's a great time to start your WAKE trilogy collection. Plus, you're going to need something to read over winter break.

Now...the WAKE paperback's official release date is December 23, but you can often find books sooner than their official date. I have seen it in stock and shipping already at a couple of well-known online bookstore websites. So it's out there, people! It.is.out there.

But some people don't buy books online, AND more importantly, I like it when you buy your books locally if you can.

So here's what you do: call or go to your local bookstore and ask for WAKE in paperback at the info desk. If they don't have it in yet, ask them to please *please pretty please* order it for you and call you as soon as it is in.

Isn't that easy?

Happy holidays to all, and thank you for spreading the word about WAKE.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WAKE Lexicon

Hey guys, check out the new WAKE Series Lexicon, put together by a cool guy named Alex. Go comment, take a quiz, read an interview...fun times.