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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love you

Hey everybody, I saw we got a bit heated in the comments in the last post. So I wanted to say that I love you all. (Awwwww!!! Do you love me too? You do? YAY!)

Here are some facts:

I have no control over anything to do with the movie. I do not pick the actors. It doesn't matter how hard you try to "reason" with me in the comments -- I really truly don't have any control, so I hope you'll tone down the "do something, Lisa!" stuff. Because I can't do anything. Besides, I'm thrilled about this development in the movie arena.

That said, I think everyone should have the right to free speech. I don't mind that you disagree with things. That's fine. But I don't like it when people say things like "if you love us you'll change things or else we'll stop being your fans." See above -- I have no control. And it's hard to believe a true fan of the books would do that. Still, I respect your right to say how you feel.

There's no guarantee that the movie will be made. If it is, don't forget we have an amazing writer attached in Christopher Landon.

I love you all no matter how you feel about Miley Cyrus being in talks to play Janie. For the record, I think that all actors have to try new things to grow and transition from child to adult actor. I think Miley would do a great job. But there's no guarantee of a movie so maybe everybody should just calm down for a while.

I hope that those of you who do not like Miley will realize that nobody will force you to watch her movies. It's that simple, folks. You don't like it? Don't go.

Did I mention I love you? Cuz I do.