Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two of my favorite things today

Sometimes the taste for good ol' Chicago style pizza is overwhelming. And it's impossible to find the authentic stuff around here. Introducing Lou Malnati's pizza with nationwide delivery. A friend of mine who lives in Chicago (though he's somewhere in Africa at the moment) was so kind as to send me some Lou's pizzas last year, when I was mourning about being so far away from Chicago now.

Now, if y'all are going to argue with me and try and convince me that NY style or St. Louis style is better, well, just include a link to a place that will ship it to Arizona, and maybe I'll have a little taste test show-down.

The way to buy pizza online, by the way, is not to look at the price for one pizza. ($37, includes delivery, ouch!) What you need to do is have a party, see. And get 4 pizzas for $69.99, which also includes delivery. So I buy a couple cases of beer for $30 and we're good.

Think about it. Say you live in Chicago. You and seven friends all go out to Lou's (parking $10 per vehicle, 2 vehicles). You get drinks while you wait (six beers, $30 -- and the DD's drink coke, right? So $6 for those, plus a $5 tip to the bartender). And then you get a few pitchers once you're seated (I dunno, $25?). You order 4 pizzas, $10 a piece plus tax ($45) and tip ($15 minimum, and that's even skanky), and then you accidentally leave the leftover box of pizza on the sink in the bathroom (why on EARTH would you take your takeout box into the bathroom? Gross!).

And there you've spent $150, to my $100. It's a bargain, I'm telling you!

My second favorite thing today is Quelf.
This is a most hilarious board game, and would make a great gift, but like most great board games, they sell out before Christmas. So get yours early. If'n you do that Christmas thang, that is. See, players draw cards and they have to do what's on the card. Like, for the entirety of the game, instead of saying 'yes' or 'no', you might have to say 'word' or 'bogus'. If you screw up, you take a penalty. Or anytime another player rolls a 4, you might have to stand up, spread your arms and hum a mournful song until that turn is done. Or you'll have to put a pan on your head, bang it with a wooden spoon, and shout "I'm coming, Billy!" There are a variety of cards, some that make you list things like brands of shampoo or female authors' names.

It's a blast.

Pizza, family game, it's all good.

Now I have to go get my hair cut. Which reminds me; I've got to find that South Park website where you can design a character to look like yourself. Because I have Butters' hair.


gothmog said...

Psyche loves your pizza math. And? since both of us are from Chicago originally, we're both very fond of Lou Malnati's. The one in Naperville near the riverwalk, though, has free parking. And it's in a cool place--a converted fire station. (Psyche, reading over my shoulder, now tells me that that particular pizza joint is no longer a Malnati's. So everything I just said may be a lie.)

We're looking into Quelf. Sounds like our kind of game.

katrina said...

That Quelf sounds like fun!

Lisa McMann said...

Tonight on Quelf: I had to yodel until I rolled 3 twos on the dice.

I am not an accomplished yodeler.

Lisa McMann said...

I forgot to mention I had to have my finger in my nose while yodeling.

Goth, I had you in mind for this game. It's seriously a blast. Word.

My pizzas come today, yay!

Jolene said...

*sniff* I can't eat pizza anymore. (I've been meaning to write about that. I'll get around to it eventually.)

ilse said...

Chicago pizza is the and Lou Malnati's is the best of the best.

I think I would love Quelf, but I think my SO is too cool to play.

Side note: My confirmation word is "wabylub," which I believe was a Motown hit. Wabylub, my Wabylub...

Lisa McMann said...

Jolene -- what a horrible affliction. You must tell me about this.

Ilse -- Your SO could take the penalty instead of performing the action on the card. (Matt had one card that said he had to tear off a piece of his toenail and eat it. He took the penalty on that one. Moved back 2 spaces instead.) We'll force Mr. Ilse to play next time you come to AZ.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Have you tried Vito's on McKellips and Gilbert? We lived practically across the street from there and had their pizza all the time. My husband said it was very authentic Chicago thin-crust pizza, just like he had growing up.

Lisa McMann said...

Sharon, we haven't tried Vito's. Thanks for the tip!

Jolene said...

I will, I will. Seriously, I keep meaning to do a blog post on it. Soon.