Friday, December 22, 2006


It's been a while since my last post. I've been working on my MySpace page. There's a link to it over in that side bar ---------->

Happy holidays to all!


Jolene said...

Myspace really, really scares me.

Now get off my lawn.

Lisa McMann said...


TechNoir said...

I'm with Jolene. Even pointing my browser there creeps me outl.

Buggy said...

Oh jinkies, me too!
( at least I'm not in bad company)

You could post that My Space stuff here too?

I went, I read, I can't comment.

When did Lisa get so hip?

~Old Person

Lisa McMann said...

Hey, good idea. I'll do that, bug -- heading out to Michigan for a week right now, so once I get organized I'll cross-post. :-)

Landru said...

I found you. Even though you're hiding from me. And you've about reached the point where you ought to be hiding from me. Capisce?

Landru said...

PS: You better not be farting in that green chair. That's my territory.

Lisa McMann said...

Your chair awaits, lordship.