Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

There's a common thread among YA and Middle Grade authors that has turned into a bit of a joke for those of us who have children in the age groups we write for: our own kids don't read our books.

This was true for me until yesterday.

I've been working on a middle grade fantasy novel. Just finished the rough draft the other day, woot! What happens then is that my hubby and I sit down with it. He reads it, tells me what works and what doesn't. Only this time, when the kids heard us talking, first one and then the other perked up. Since I had the first 100 pages printed out, the first kid picked it up and started. By evening, both were reading different parts of the manuscript while hubby read on the computer.

And then.
Out of nowhere.

I had three beta readers bombarding me with nits from three different sections of the manuscript. Oy! I was both delighted and, to tell the truth, a little bristly. (I don't think the kids have learned the value of the "critique sandwich" theory yet. Ouch!)

But by bedtime, I had two kids urging me to hurry with my edits so I could print out the rest of the manuscript. Even the kid who doesn't like to read. I am shocked.

How cool is that?


Puffy said...

Way cool! Is someone my age allowed to say "way cool?" Or should I just say that it's "bitchen?"

ilse said...

Currently, it's "vicious" or "tight":

Thass mad tight, dawg, knowmsayin'?

Boy, do I need to get out more.

Buggy said...

It's such a good book!
It's ummmm, mad tight!

Mom2BJM said...

Yes, it's always a wonderful thing when your kids recognize you have great worth!