Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What a blast.

I just returned from a short trip -- my first time in the big city. With me was author Lisa McGlaun. We had a blast together!

It was a tremendous visit. I spent Thursday with my amazing editor Jennifer Klonsky (who is so funny and very cool) and the fabulous team at Simon Pulse. It was so cool to meet them all and put faces to their email addresses. They are really supportive of my book and we had a great meeting. Then Jen took me to lunch at a cool restaurant in Rockefeller Center where our prime seat overlooked the famous ice rink. Cool! I also saw Tori Spelling in the S&S offices. Maybe I should contact Gawker. (Nah.) My roommate Lisa saw Holly Hunter.

That evening I dined with my agent, Michael Bourret, whom I love love love. We went to Sapa, an Asian-French restaurant. Michael knew the chef, who kept sending out extra dishes for us to try. It was delicious, great music too, and I highly recommend the restaurant.

Friday I hooked up with a smattering of friends including the highly entertaining Antonio Pagliarulo, who kept Lisa and me laughing all evening through the pouring rain that night.

And Saturday, before we headed back to the airport, was breakfast in Times Square. I paid $3.75 for some cream cheese to go on my bagel. That? Is ridiculously funny to me.

You? Must now tell me about your trip to NYC and your famous people sightings.


Bravie said...

Look at you. "my agent this and that" "my editor this and that". You're like all important and stuff.
I've never been to NYC but am dying to go.
My list of famous brush ins is too long to put here. Hmmm, maybe that will be a blog entry for me.
Glad you had fun. It sounds like life is just super fantabulous for you now. *smooch*

Lisa McGlaun said...


What a great roomie you were! The trip was ten times better because of you. Ah the memories..revolving doors that want to eat me for dinner...our "odorous" room...blow dying my hair 3 times in one rainy day...cider ale, oh yeah...pashmina...and Chock Full'O Nuts.

Can't wait to go again..this time for my editors meeting. I lived viacariously through you this time..thanks for letting my do that.


dragonflies said...

I love NYC. If I didn't have kids I would so live there.

We were there last February. It was cold cold cold, and the only famous sighting I had was the Statue of Liberty.

We did go up to the top of the Rock though, which was way cool

Lisa McMann said...

Bravie -- do a blog on it! It's interesting.

Lisa -- we had a good share of laughs. The revolving door makes me giggle. Next time for you, you'll be walking on clouds.

Flies -- I didn't make it to the top of the Rock. That would've been cool.

ilse said...

On my one and only trip to NYC on what was essentially a whim, I rented a car and drove there by myself in January 2002 to visit with "invisible friends."

I timed my trip poorly...I arrived at the city at about 5 p.m. on a Friday evening. Rush hour, dark, navigating the BQE to my hotel...

Swami said...


I haven't been to NYC since I was in my 20s (not saying how long ago that was.) My parents took us a number of times as children, so I have climbed the Statue of Liberty (back when you used to be able to look out her crown) and toured all the museums. We went for Fleet Week once and toured a bunch of ships.

I went once as a very young teen with just my 20-year-old sister for company - no parental units. We were supposed to see some famous museum exhibit but spent all our time wandering around lost while Carole flirted with strange men.

Once when we were lost in the subway a nice, helpful Puerto Rican guy Carole was flirting with offered to show us a shortcut to the right train. So wound up following him into a stinky, deserted stairwell. I remember thinking "this is not a good idea" as I followed Carole and her Romeo up two flights of stairs. It didn't help when Carole suddenly turned and gave me this "we're going to die now" look, lol, but Romeo turned out to be a nice sincere guy and delivered us to the right train, intact.

When we got lost after walking through Central Park we asked for directions from a couple of very cute Mounted Police. Carole of course flirted shamelessly with the best looking one (both were pretty cute.) At one point both cops laughed and told us to hop on behind them and they would give us a ride to our hotel. Being young and stupid I thought they meant it and (we were both pretty good equestriennes) promptly hopped onto his horse. Which totally startled the cop (but not the seasoned horse, lol.) Turns out, New York City cops are not supposed to give horsey rides to underage female tourists.

Puffy said...

How funny that Lisa McMann roomed with Lisa McGlaun.

Lisa McMann said...

Ilse -- you have invisible friends? Wow.

Swami -- I saw the horses. Some Korean students were visiting NYC and staying at my hotel. They got to pet the horsies but not ride them. :)

Puffy -- the Lisa Mc/Lisa Mc (and the Mccult jam) was actually one of factors in how she and I met. :)