Friday, April 11, 2008

Authors -- on promo and marketing

Hey author friends,

Are you scared to death of speaking in public, doing a book signing or school visit, or just don't have the first clue about how to get the word out about your book? (Why do I feel like this 'graph sounds like the beginning of an infomercial? It's not, I promise.)

Recently I did an interview with Kelly Spitzer.
In it, Kelly asked me quite a few questions about promotion and marketing and what my publisher and I did together. I've had a bunch of people tell me it was very helpful, so I'm passing along the link.

The lovely Bella Stander picked up the interview as well for her blog and she tells the story of how she and I met.

I just wanted to let you know that these articles and this help is out there. Bella is amazing. And I just noticed she's doing a workshop called Book Promotion 101 on May 17 in NYC. If you live in the NYC area, go. And if you don't, maybe you could spread the word to other author friends who do live there.

She also offers reasonably priced sessions over the phone that will really help you get your brain focused on the goal -- selling your book -- rather than on the churning feeling in your gut that's telling you you can't do this.

Check Bella out! She's brilliant.

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Kristopher Stanhope said...

I recently read your article, linked from Nathan Bransford's blog. First of all, congratulations on the success of your books. Secondly, I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave in your blog. I've recently had a children's book published (Why I Hate School - By Michael Fatarsky from Scholastic NZ)and I have to admit, I haven't even thought about putting everything into selling my book. That all changed (hopefully!) when I read your comments, especially, this one: "I also have a hard time imagining someone writing a book, being one of the few to land a publishing contract, and then not doing everything in her power to sell the thing."

That makes perfect sense. Why didn't I think of it before?

Thank you and good luck with your books.