Friday, September 05, 2008

I've been Spark'd!

I graduated from Calvin College, a Christian liberal arts school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had a number of great professors there who were really encouraging and helpful to me as a writer. For those of you who know YA lit, one of my profs was Gary Schmidt, author of two Newbery Honor books.

Recently, I did a phone and e-mail interview with Lynn Rosendale, the Associate Director of Communications and Marketing and managing editor of Spark, the alumni quarterly magazine.

Here is an extensive interview, and here is a book review/interview.

For fellow Calvin grads, the book review/interview will be in this month's print issue of Spark.

Check it out!


nittenaway said...

I CAN'T believe it! There I was, calmly flipping through the pages of "The Spark" in my parsonage in Schenectady, NY and there's a book review (of an exciting bestseller book no less) of a book by my old Pooh's Corner friend Lisa! Who wasn't much older than the character Janie in her phenom book when I met her!!! Lisa, Lisa! We used to talk about young adult authors and books way back then, and you even said that was what you wanted to do -- and you did! I am SO proud of you.
Sometime you can write a book about a crabby little girl named Sarah, daughter of your friend who fumed and fussed while Sarah's mother and a friend tried to have a nice breakfast in Saugatuck. Do you remember?!?

Funny thing, I just thought of you 2 weeks ago -- I was in Holland visiting my kids and grandson, and stopped at Meijer and saw your parents. Of course they don't know me, but I sure do recognize them. They don't seem to change.

GREAT to see your success dear Lisa.

nittenaway said...

Now we've found each other's blogs -- we need to do e-mail too.

I'm going to try what I think is yours!