Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freaking Huge Contest-O-Thanks

Have you reviewed or blogged about WAKE? Or maybe shared the love in another way? If so, you are eligible to win. If not, you still have time to become eligible!

Go to my new, improved website, and take a look around. You’ll find the rules on eligibility and how to enter on the NEWS page.

If you've already found and read the rules, copy your link into the comments of this blog post to enter! Don't know what I'm talking about? Go find the rules and read them!

Contest ends on Cabe's birthday: Tuesday, November 25, 2008.


Five (5) autographed Advance Reader Copies of FADE (zomg!)

Five (5) autographed copies of WAKE (if you already own it, give it as a gift!)

An autographed copy of PAPER TOWNS by John Green


An autographed copy of STAYING FAT FOR SARAH BYRNES by Chris Crutcher

THE DEMON QUEEN by Richard Lewis

Something by Elizabeth Scott. Maybe LIVING DEAD GIRL, maybe an arc of her upcoming book SOMETHING, MAYBE, or maybe (maybe, probably, maybe) both.

An arc of FAR FROM YOU by Lisa Schroeder (which I may have to read first before giving it away)

ANNNNNNNND... an arc of CITY OF GLASS, the third and final book in the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS TRILOGY, which isn't due out until March 24. (ditto on the reading of it first)

I think that's it.
That's enough for eighteen winners, right? Seriously, you have a really good chance of winning something.



Anonymous said...

I have joined the wake group on facebook and i have read wake and posted on your facebook wall.
Michelle Daniels

susan259 said...

Posted your contest to my facebook profile and twitter. Hope to blog Wake on ReadSpace.ent soon

Susan Smith

Book Chic said...

I think you know all that I've done, but here are the links to when I featured you on my blog.

Guest Blog-



and I've done a couple other things too, but I think I've proven myself worthy enough by now, lol.

YAY! :) You rock, Lisa!

Shootingstarsmag said...

Aw, this is such an awesome contest. Go you! I can't wait for Fade to come out, by the way.
Okay, I hope this link works...but here is my review for Wake:


Anonymous said...

Joined group Talk About Wake on Facebook and posted to the wall:

Also promoted your Encinitas book signing to my local friends when you were in the area. Can't wait to read Fade! :)


Anonymous said...

Fun idea for a contest - and a good way to round up mentions of your fantastic book. I can't wait for Fade!

I recommended Wake in flashquake's May We Suggest section (Summer 2008 issue):

Thanks, Lisa!


Jen said...

My review on facebook:

You are also listed in my fave books on facebook and myspace. As a librarian, I've also booktalked your book to a high school class and got a couple of the girls to read it (plus my mother!).

Anonymous said...

Awesome book! I cannot wait till Fade. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the sequel!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a review on FacebookShelf

I have an avatar photo under books on my Myspace

And I'm a member of the WAKE fan group on Facebook

Thanks Lisa, Can't wait!! :-D


Kalie said...

Great contest!

brynnxx said...

Awesome contest.
I actually do book reviews all the time; and i've obviously done Wake a few months back;

breakxme610 said...

eri LOVE wake and got every one of my friends to read it!
and even a few teachers :)

i'm counting down the days for Fade (111 days) :)

i reviewed it on shelfari and my review is all the way at the bottom. And it's written by Jessica D (that's me) and it's a small green picture of me.

here's the link to my review:

if you can't find it let me know, i'm one of your friends on myspace so here's the link to my myspace :

good luck with your search! can't wait to read Fade :)

Jessica Dunlap

Laura said...

ZOMG, this is awesome, I posted a review in May on my LJ

Lisa, you know how MUCH I loved this book and I force it on everyone I can.

Oh, and I'm a moving to Arizona in November, can we hook up for coffee, wine, or dinner????

Elaine Weatherfield said...

I reviewed Wake on this thread. I can't wait to read Fade!!


Kris said...

I reviewed your book last month and you even commented on the review! Well, about it, not on it... I found the comment on myspace... oh, and absolutely random, I bought you on facebook - I think the picture was Wake, but now it's Fade (in the Owned application or whatever it's called)

RivkaH said...

i revewied it better somewhere else but of corse, now i cant find it! i dont really get how your going to chose the winners, but i hope ones me! I love wake and would love a sighned copy or fade or really any of the prizes... duh!!!
i think your a great auther! I really do wish that your other books were coming out sooner, i mean is it really nessasary for there to be a YEAR in between each one?!?!? i wish not.
anyways, keep writing!
and pick me! =]

Jessica Kennedy said...

Here's the link to my review of Wake.
Awesome contest and I'm so looking forward to reading Fade.

Love the new site too! It's awesome!

Kelsey said...

Facebook (note):


I've also gotten my best friend and my sister to read this book after me. They loved it!

Can't wait for FADE. Counting down 'till I can finally read it...


DeenaML said...

I LOVED WAKE! Here's my post from April 30th! Can't wait for FADE!

Kathryn said...



I am all about promoting YA authors. I even passed my copy around to a bunch of kids who LOVED your book and can't wait to see more.

Natalie43 said...

HylianVampire said...

You are amazing for this contest :)

I posted a blog about it here:

I hope that gets you more fans!!!
I'm looking forward to reading Fade.


hylianvampire @ hotmail . com

Diana Dang said...

I never got a chance to read your book yet (which I would love to!) so instead I will post it in my blog:

TheBookworm said...

Wake has been on my to-read-list for months now and I still haven't been able to get my hands on a copy!!

Here's a link to one of my posts with something about Wake in it:

Please enter me!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I reviewed your book on my blog earlier this year and if you scan down the link you will see a widget for Fade. This is an awesome contest i'd love to win any book but especially on of yours. I loved Wake and can't wait for Fade. Thank you so much for the oppurtunity. -------Book~Adorer

Rylie said...

Great contest! Here's my review on Amazon:

bcanyon at hotmail dot com

Amee said...

I deleted my old blog which had my original review for Wake. I created a new one just for this contest though, and I posted it on Amazon. :)

Anonymous said...
Review of WAKE

Bunny B said...

I haven't read Wake yet, but I've posted about the contest here!

bunnybx at gmail . com

dreamingofdarcy said...

This is the direct link to where I raved about Wake on the BookDivas blog:

Pierre Roustan said...

Here's my link from my blog about your contest, Lisa. Thanks so much!

JenWriter said...

Great contest!

This link is to my blog page where I recommend YA books.

Heather Buckman said...

I wrote a review for Wake about this book about a couple months ago on the Iread with Facebook. I fell in love with this book. I also am a bookseller at Barnes and Noble and i recommed this title to a lot of customers looking for a good book, and a different sory line. I think it is a perfect book for all ages. I look forward to the next story, i will make sure to talk it up to customers who look to me for book advice.

ellie_enchanted said...

I posted on the wall of this book-oriented Facebook group.

Thanks for the most awesome contest!

Allison said...

I posted your contest on my teen librarian blog at:

And I also reviewed WAKE back in June at:

This summer WAKE was one of the two featured HOT BOOKS on my library's teen website. Unfortunately, I change those monthly...but I definitely can't keep WAKE on the shelf here! :-)

It's also on my Facebook page, but it keeps crashing IE when I try to open Facebook...sigh. But I'm one of your Facebook friends.

Allison Jenkins
Teen Librarian
Irving Public Library
801 W. Irving Blvd
Irving, TX 75060

Heather M. said...

The Not So Closet Geeks said...

I've posted about your contest here:

Thanks for the great contest =)

Kelsey said...

Okay, I reviewed Wake way back in the beginning of April when my blog was just starting out, so the review sucks, but here it is:

I SO SO SO WANT a ARC of Fade!! My birthday is really close to the 25th also, it's on the 17th!!! I can't wait. Imagine, birthday presents (BOOKS!), twilight movie release that Friday, and winning this contest! (More specifically Fade! Hehe)

You're ah-MAZING Lisa! Oh, and the thing in my review about the POV, ignore that, I've reread the books enough times to know that that's one of them many charms of the book and there are too many books in that POV for me too be bothered any more.

Anonymous said...

I read Wake based on some blog reviews, loved it so much, that I in turn blogged about it. What a great book- I cannot wait for the rest of the series. I loved Janie's character!

Here is my blog:
The review was posted Thursday Oct. 23rd.

Great contest- even better book!

BlackBeltChic said...

Hi I place a blurb about WAKE ( my new found love) on my facbook, and a link to Freaking Huge Contest-O-Thanks.Plz look at it....

If that wont work... my user name is Camille Reid. Thank you CMR

Mrs. Magoo said...

Thanks so much for doing this!

The Compulsive Reader said...

Here's a link to the review I did, and I am totally going and getting a Fade widget! Thanks so much for the awesome contest!

bombaygirl said...

I'm not sure how this links shows up, but I posted a note on my facebook. You shd be able to see it on my page...


K Cutter said...


and I listed you in my favorite writers on my NANOWRIMO page- if that counts.

wtrayloriii said...

Posted Comment on your "MySpace" Page on Aug 18, 2008 11:46 AM by "Triche's Dad"

Blogged your book Wake on MySpace:

Member [Bill Traylor] of Facebook "Talk about Wake" Group:



Liv said...

Wrote a review of Wake MONTHS ago. I reread it, and I sound sooo funny. :P Enjoy!
Can't wait for Fade!

Teen Troves said...



Thanks Lisa!!!

Mollie & Ariel

Lizzy said...

how many times have i mentioned WAKE in my blog?... lol tons, in like all these posts that have nothing to do with it.
here's mah review.

looking back, i sounded really dumb lol.
oh! and i have the widget!
and since when is WAKE coming to paperback in december? i was ready to wait until january.
thanks. xox lizzy

Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong link here's the right one:

The Story Siren said...

This contest is so freaking fantastic! I think i would blow a fuse if i won! but in a good way!

Reviewed Wake at TSS:

Mentioned Fade in books to pine for post:

Mentioned contest in YA Connection:

Goodreads review: review:

I think that's all i did!! Thanks for the great contest!!

Jennifer Moore said...

on facebook, I talk about it alot and have gotten friends to read it so... I love it! :D

The Book Girl said...

Im so sorry, I should have linked to the posts instead of the actual sites :-x


Sarahbear9789 said...

I just re-read it, so I could review it. My copy has been around my group of friends.I can't wait for Fade.
Hope you have an amazing rest of the week.
Peace out, Sarah.

Breanna said...

What an amazing contest! Such awesome prizes. And it's a really great idea for a contest too!

Here's the link to my review of WAKE! (I loved it btw. if you can't tell from the review, haha):



Brent~Jamie~Ansley~Ace said...

Put the FADE countdown on my myspace page.

Best of luck with the book.

Simply_Megan said...

Here is a link to my review of Wake:

Thanks for the amazing contest!

Charlotte said...

Here's my review of Wake, which I just finished as part of my reading for the Cybils Awards


ShalisaCook said...

this makes me way too happy for words

Khyrinthia said...

I have the Fade countdown in my sidebar:

And a reviewish type thing o on Goodreads:

Jana Dixon said...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 9:45-10:45
Jana Dixon and Jil’Lana Heard
Focus on Books: Young Adult Titles You Shouldn’t Be Without!

Your book was one of the books that I shared at this conference session in April. I booktalked it to over 75 library media specialists in this session. I don't have a live link of my PowerPoint, but would be glad to e-mail one if you need it for verification.

Thanks for entering me into the contest!

Anonymous said...

Here are my links to WAKE and FADE. I desperately want the City of Glass ARC. WOW!!!

SharrieLIN said...

Hey! You're so cool to be doing this! OMG! It would be amazing to win! lol But that's what everyone else is thinking, too. But still, we all have a very good chance. :) That is something I belive more than anything. GOOD LUCK to everyone!
But here's the links to my reviews.

Anne Kaelber said...

Greetings! I just came across your books on Amazon, via the recommendations. I'm looking forward to trying them out. In the meantime, I blogged the discovery and your contest here:

Thanks for offering this cool contest. I'm always looking for new authors to try!

Ivy said...

omg! I love the prizes! I want to win so bad. Here are my links:

I made a review of Wake here:

Placed Fade widgets and promoted wake here:

Hope I did it right.


moni rae said...

A Freaking Huge Thanks to you for writing something unique! I loved Wake and can't wait to read Fade. I told some of my teen patrons about Wake and they enjoyed it as well! Here is my review, thanks again!!

Nelly said...

Wow, already 78 comments!

Well here's my link:

Readingjunky said...

I loved WAKE and so do my students. Here's a link to the review on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I LOVEeee Wake i cant wait for the next one! :]

Emily said...

I wrote a review for Library Media Connection. It is featured in the August/September issue, I believe. Enjoyed the book and hopin to win books for my library!!!
Emily Rozmus

Just Blinded Book Reviews said...

I wrote a review of Wake.

Samantha said...

Here's the link to my Wake review!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I reviewed Wake on my YA book review website, I loved it and can't wait for FADE!

Shae said...

I cross posted my short review from my reading LJ ( and put it on goodreads -

I also recommended the book to my sister and she loved it a lot! We're both super excited for Fade!

TruBlu93 said...

I totally posted about the contest.


Lisa McMann said...

For H.R.

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry to the contest:

This looks like an awesome contest Lisa! My name's J.J. and my e - mail's I can't wait to see who wins!

Emily said...

I wrote this review on my new blog, put up the countdown, and sent it to a few friends!! They all love your book too!


Tashia Taylor said...


The first is my review that was for SimonPulse and the second is stuff from the book signing in Holland, MI.

Thanks Lisa!
Tashia T!

Hope. said...


Your book will be on next weeks Cover Craziness post on my blog, as well as Waiting on Wednesday for next week. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Yep, I've posted about you! On Twitter and my blog:

Mariah Abotossaway said...
My Review on
Mariah Abotossaway

Clair Couper said...

What have I done? So many things :D

I interviewed you for my facebook group, 'If you love Twilight, you'll like these' (which was very enjoyable, I might add. I also love looking at more recent interviews and thinking - I asked that first. lol :D)

I gave my friend a copy of Wake for her birthday, and have a copy myself - and they had to be ordered from, because no UK websites have them (or didn't at the time)

I've friended you on facebook, and made announcements and posts about your book, again on my facebook group 'If You Love Twilight, you'll like these'

I hope this shows that I am a loyal fan :D

Much love


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting such an ahmazing contest!

Wake Review -

Laura Howard said...

Can't wait for Fade!!!

Alyssa Newberry said...

The first link is a facebook group I created and the second link is a review I wrote for WAKE on amazon.

Good luck writing and I look forward to reading FADE!

Michelle said...

Looks like I'm a bit late, but better late then never, and this is a fantastic contest!

I'm a YA librarian, and I posted a "review" on my library's teen blog about Wake. Several of the teens who picked it up as a result ask me all the time when Fade is coming out (little do they know I'm first on the list for it. :)

Here's the link:

A Page Turner Book Reviews said...

I posted my review of Wake on my blog.

futurestar said...

I wrote a note on my facebook sorta advertising the book, really just saying its amazing and that my friends should read it...

Paradox said...

I made a huge giant post about Wake on my blog (with book trailer) and put up the Fade countdown widget.

Here's the address:

sharonanne said...

Lucky #104!

Anonymous said...

I think I need coffee!

THAT should work!

Anonymous said...

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