Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pulse SPRING FLING Contest!!

Happy New Year!!

I'm so excited to post about this new contest not only because we have some great prizes, but also because I get to share this contest with two awesome Pulse authors who are also releasing new books this season, Elizabeth Scott (SOMETHING, MAYBE) and Lisa Schroeder (FAR FROM YOU).

It's so easy to enter. Just follow the instructions in the graphic. And feel free to grab the photo and post it in your own blog.

Just in case you can't see the image, here's the contest info:

Pulse Spring Fling Contest!

Grand prize: One signed copy each of Far From You, Fade, and Something, Maybe along with a phone call from your choice of one of the three featured authors

Second prize: A box full of Pulse books

Third prize: Your choice of a signed copy of any one of the featured author's backlist titles

To enter, simply send an email to with the words Pulse Spring Fling! in the subject line and answer the question, "Who is your favorite fictional couple?" in the body of the email.

One entry per person, US residents only. Contest begins January 1, 2009 and ends February 14, 2009. Winners will be announced Monday, March 2nd, with prizes delivered mid-March.


Also, if you like to write, S&S and I are having an essay contest as well with another great prize. See my website, for details.


Charlotte said...

I shall enter! I am so looking forward to Fade, as I one of the Cybils Panelists who just shortlisted Wake! Congratulations!

Lisa McMann said...

Hey Charlotte! Thanks for the Cybils shortlist -- that's awesome!

shelburns said...

Thanks for the news about the contest. I have entered already! Congrats on Wake being named to the Cybils shortlist!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a really great contest, but I have one question. Do we have to have already overcome the obstacle or can it be an ongoing process/journey that you are on?

Lisa McMann said...

litescape93 -- I think you are referring to the Fund Your Dreams contest.

I'll leave that up to you -- if you have an ongoing obstacle but you have made progress on overcoming it, that seems like it would work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry. Okay. Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

hi, are we supposed to choose one fictional couple from the three books or from any books we like

Lisa McMann said...

Anonymous -- any fictional couple in any books you like. Have fun!

katarinas mama said...

Love the hard to choose...just one fictional couple...hmmm...tension filled relationship...snarky dialogue...banter...overcoming major life obstacles...all musts.

Okay, done, I've decided.

Lula! said...

Wow, you have a blog. Which is fabulous, because I just finished Wake a few nights it all in one sitting, loved every single world, and blogged about it

And now my blog readers will begin stalking prepared. You've been warned. We are a friendly sort--just very rabid about good books.

Lisa McMann said...

Hello Lula, thanks for the plug on your blog and I hope your pruney bathtub wrinkles have smoothed out. Welcome to you and your minions! Hope you enter the Pulse Spring Fling Contest!

kathy55439 said...

Far From You looks good