Friday, February 19, 2010

The WAKE trilogy hits the NYT bestseller list!

With the release of GONE, my books move to a different list on the New York Times Review -- the series list. So rather than GONE competing against other titles as an individual, the entire trilogy competes against other series'. Chances were pretty slim that we'd make this list, but lo and behold, we did it, and at number 8! Thank you for buying the books and making this happen! *hearty-hearts*

GONE on its own hit the USA Today list at #118, which is very cool because it includes all books.

Also, major congrats to a most deserving author and friend, Heather Brewer, who hit the NYT bestseller list (among others) for the first time with her Vlad Tod series. Incidentally, if you are in the St Louis area, she and I will be together signing our NYT bestselling series' books this Monday, Feb 22, at the St. Louis Library. And then to celebrate, we're both going to get new tatts. Heh. (Mom, uh, they're just the temporary stick-on kind, just like the one that's been on my ankle for four years.)

The tour is going great and I had so much fun meeting fans in California and Arizona. Coming up:

St. Louis
Decatur, GA
Coral Gables
Vero Beach

Can't wait to meet you!


L.J. Boldyrev said...

I know I told you on twitter, but congrats!!!! :)

Morgan said...

Congratulations-I love the Wake trilogy. I wish you were coming to Minnesota!

Kayla S said...

OMG just found out you are coming to St Louis on the 22nd...I hope I can get you to sign my book and I can take a excited

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! So exciting! :)