Saturday, September 17, 2011

Newsletter prize winners -- & their winning entries!

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WINNING ENTRIES - Congrats to all who played!

For the Unwanteds contest, you had to put two animals together, tell me what they'd be called, and describe what they looked like. Here are my favorite three:

1. If I could put two animals together it would have to be a pig and a chicken (a Picken) that way your could get your bacon and eggs from one animal. The animal would have the body of a pig with the face and butt of a chicken and completely covered in feathers. by W.E.

2. 1. Chonky :D - Cheetah/Monkey but it's more fun to pronounce it chunky. See a hybrid between a money and a cheetah would allow the animal to be able to travel effortlessly through the trees and run speedily on the ground. 2. Cat/horse- I only like that one so that it could make the sound MEOWNEIGHHHHH! Because seriously what's a hybrid without an awesome sound :) by T.P.

3. An imaginary creature that I've always thought would be cool is a mix between a dolphin and a unicorn, uncreatively named a unifin (although it does have a nice ring to it). It has the shape of a dolphin, but instead of flippers it has short forelegs with hooves, and it's head is that of a unicorn. It's mane resembles seaweed but can appear in a variety of colors, and whichever color the mane is matches the color of it's long, fish-style soft dorsal fin, which is in place of a dolphin's dorsal fin. Unifins thrive underwater, although they can go on land for short periods of time, in which they shift to resemble regular unicorns. PS. I made it to the end! by M.W.

These three each won a signed copy of THE UNWANTEDS.

For the DEAD TO YOU contest, you had to describe in a word or phrase how it would feel to find your family again but not remember them.

Our winning entry was: Desperate to be invisible but aching to connect - by S.G.

For the WAKE TRILOGY contest, you had to tell me why you neeeeeeeeeeed a box full of Janie and Cabe. Here is the winning entry:

Okay. This is a doozy. It's a reason I Neeeeeeeed a big ole box full of Janie and Cabe. Truth is it's because aliens invaded my podunk little town of Ringgold. Yup. They just up and swooped in! Anyway, they'd only been here for a few minutes when they heard of this amazing series of books: the wake trilogy. (I guess aliens are big fans of reading. Who knew, right?) And, being aliens, they knew the fastest way to get us earthlings to do anything is to abduct us. So they came to my house in the middle of the night, abducted my family, and demanded that I find them a set of these AHMAZING books. And I, being thoroughly and completely miffed at such behavior from Ringgold's newest inhabitants, had to agree. (They were aliens after all. Kinda creepy.) So, that became my quest: find a set of the WAKE trilogy, and get my family back. (Well, except for my little sister. They can have her. :P) I was beginning to lose hope, about to go into hiding, when BAM! There's my answer. Right there in my email, just waiting for me to open it. :) So. That's my tale. My best reason why I NEEEEEEDDD those books. Don't believe me? Check out the picture I attached. It'll convince you my story's true. :)

P.s. I swear I'm normal... I just get all dorky when left to my own devices. Oh, and I made it to the end of your newsletter. It rocked my socks. Or something like that. Cause socks don't actually rock...unless they've got sparkles. Okay...ramble over. Just go ahead and pat yourself on the back for making it throught this babbly email. And for being awesome. BYE!
by A.L.

I love this picture so much!

And I had a SECRET CONTEST, called "I made it to the end." For those who read to the end of the newsletter, they found this little tidbit - just write the words "I made it to the end" in your entry, and you automatically got entered to win a book from my bookshelf.

The winner for this contest was Aydrea. Congrats! She chose an ARC of DEAD TO YOU as her prize from my shelf.

Thanks to all who entered not only for entering, but for following directions so well. Casey (my assistant) says she's not even going to ask for a raise because you did such a great job. Hooray!

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