Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I met Stephenie Meyer

And dang, she's adorable. She looks like Anne Hathaway.

Stephenie spoke at the Southwest Regional Library in Gilbert, AZ yesterday, about 10 miles from my house. When I got to the library fifteen minutes early, there was a line, and the cute teenage girl in front of me was wearing "I love Edward Cullen" jeans that she designed herself. Several of the teenage girls I spoke to (or overheard) while waiting to get in had gotten out of school early to attend this, though I believe the Gilbert schools were on fall break.

She read to us and answered questions, showed us some of the other countries' book covers, and then signed books. When I got to the table, I admit it. I gushed like I was 13 or something. We chatted briefly, I mentioned my book, and she was so enthusiastic about it! She asked me all about it. We also talked about all the authors who call AZ their home and decided we should all get together sometime (hello, Barbara Kingsolver!). Heh. I'm hoping that once Stephenie's life settles down (she's just done with her tour) she'll have a chance to drop me an email -- I gave her my name and info and stuff. She was just delightful, and I'm so glad I got the chance to meet her.


Mom2BJM said...

The SW regional library in Gilbert is the best! It's only about 5 miles from MY house.. had to go there yesterday to return two overdues... oops! Did ya know you can't renew them online if they are overdue! Crud!

Lisa McMann said...

I was really impressed with that library. Beautiful and huge.

Glad you found me, Mom2. :)

Buggy said...

How fun!
I'm interesed in her book, Lisa.
Do you think it's Katie apropriate?

Be well!

Lisa McMann said...

Hey Buggy, absolutely -- it would be totally fine for Katie. I just loaned my copy to a 13 yr-old girl and she's devouring it. And she has never been interested in vampires at all. She says it's her new favorite book. :)

I bet Katie would LOVE it.