Saturday, October 07, 2006


I might be unusual, but one of the things I just love about writing a novel is the research.

I feel like I'm taking a class. And it's always a class I'm terribly interested in. So far, I've researched WW2, several parts of England, Judaism, the Holocaust, Bucharest and other parts of Romania, street children, food, dreams, dresses, causes of blindness, welfare, psycho- and telekenisis, and more.

I love when I'm writing about something I think I know a lot about, and then something happens in the story that is out of my area of expertise. Actually no, I take it back. I hate that. But then, after starting research, I love it again, because I learn so much.

My novel, Janie Hannagan: Dream Catcher, has been edited and needs just a few more changes before my agent is ready to submit it. How exciting!

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