Tuesday, January 22, 2008


FADE is the sequel to WAKE. I submitted the manuscript to my editor a few months ago, then did a revision based on her comments. I was delighted (*hop*) to find out today that my aforementioned lovely and talented editor, Jen Klonsky, LOVED the revision. YAY!! This is terrific news!


Buggy said...

I think once they've read WAKE, people will be hungry to know what's next for Jamie.

Mary said...

Just givin' ya a shout out from up here in the snow. So glad that good things are happening on the author-front!

Love to you and M!

Zen of Writing said...

Wish you'd post a photo in your new author-on-tour wardrobe.


happy hair hmw said...

Wake was amazing i read it in two days.I think is was one of the best books i've ever read. When i realized that Fade didn't come out until Feb. 10 of next year, i got so mad. I just wanted to keep reading! I think Wake is a FANTASTIC book and i will recomend it to all of my friends! What is the third book called?