Friday, February 01, 2008

Week in review...

Crazy, busy and fun!

Have I mentioned lately that I love my publisher, Simon Pulse?

On Monday & Tuesday, they sent me to Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I could have lunch with some people at the home office of BGI (Borders Group Inc), which is basically Borders and Walden book stores. My wonderful escort, Victor, is the national account manager of the children's division of S&S, and we had a blast together.

I spent ten years as a bookseller, but I think I had forgotten how much fun book store people are. Victor, Jennifer, Tara, Lori...if you're watching from our studio audience today, here's a *wave* and a thank you for a fantastic lunch. We talked about books and babies and all the cool authors that these BGI friends have met (I'm so jealous) and it was a really lovely time. I hope our paths cross again one day.

Victor and I also visited four bookstores in Ann Arbor before it was time for him to drop me off at the airport for my flight back home.

On Wednesday, I received the edits for FADE from my editor, and I've been working on those the last few days. This would be an appropriate time to say my editor, Jen, is brilliant.

And now we are in February, and suddenly WAKE comes out next month. Wow!


K Cutter said...

You're on top of the world, Lisa! What a great thing to not only get a book published but to have such an awesome publisher, editor, agent . . .

lights said...

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for you? I can't wait to walk into a bookstore and pick up a copy of WAKE.

Enjoy every single minute!

Schnookie said...

Even though I pre-ordered the book, I think I will definitely head to the book store when it comes out just for the excitement factor.

Lisa McMann said...

Thanks Kristie! It's a bit overwhelming.

Lightsy! You are a doll. Let me know if you have trouble finding it up there in the north country.

Nookie -- me too! ;-) I'd totally love a report on your trip to the bookstore. I'm such a geek.