Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Follow up to the "John Green is not a Pornographer" post

Here is a nice article that sums up the school board meeting: Buffalo News

My favorite quote is apparently from one of those who wants to ban this book from the school curriculum (even though it wasn't required reading):

The Rev. Nelson C. McCall, pastor of Hillview Baptist Church in Depew, said he had not read the book “but a doctor doesn’t have to have cancer to treat someone who has.”

When will people learn that they can make a much more credible argument if they actually read the book? I don't understand how the Reverend McCall can make a call on this without reading it. Especially a man with his education. Is that how he preaches the Word of God, too? He doesn't have to read The Bible in order to teach it? Please, sir -- you're only making Christians look more ignorant, and frankly, we don't need your help on this right now.

Why are you so afraid? And what are you afraid of? Acknowledging that sex exists is NOT the same as promoting sex. And it's certainly not porn. It seriously makes me wonder what is in the "history" log on these people's computers. And the deep, dark secrets they have that makes them so fearful.

Thanks to John's blog, Sparks Fly Up, for the link.


Jolene said...

That guy is an idiot. The doctor analogy makes no sense. A much better analogy would have been "A doctor doesn't need to have examined the patient in order to treat their cancer." Which would, of course, be dead wrong (Bill Frist notwithstanding). Because of course you wouldn't take medical advice from a doctor who never saw you, and you shouldn't take literary advice from someone who never read the book.

K Cutter said...

Oh Yeah! Controversy!