Tuesday, February 05, 2008

WIN WIN WIN!! You can win a hardcover copy of WAKE

Between now and Friday, February 8th at midnight, you can win an autographed copy of WAKE from friend and fellow author Elizabeth Scott, author of BLOOM and PERFECT YOU.

Go to Elizabeth Scott's blog and follow the rules to win. Good luck!

Also, if you haven't downloaded your WAKE countdown clock, dream journal stationery, avatars, screensavers and wallpaper, here's that link again.


CD said...

This is where we leave the comments, right Miss Mcmann? Heh, heh, I was a little confused if it was your myspace or here. WAKE sounds interesting! Miss Heather Brewer told me about you, she's really nice. She says you're a good writer. I hope I will get to read WAKE, even if I don't win. Maybe I'll find it at Barnes&Noble when it comes out.

Lisa McMann said...

Hey, cd -- actually, you need to leave a comment on Elizabeth Scott's blog. The link to her blog is in my post.

Miss Heather Brewer is extremely nice and also a great writer, indeed!