Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Book Tour Schedule

**Note: I've post-dated this blog entry so that the tour info stays on top. I'll be updating it as more info comes in. Meanwhile, new blog posts continue below this one.**

For each bookstore signing I do in March, there will be a special gift bag raffle. These gift bags contain a dream journal, a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a sleep mask and a mug with the WAKE logo on it! How cool is that?

Monday, March 10, Treehouse Books, 7:00 - 8:30PM
37 East Eighth Street, HOLLAND, MI 49423
(daytime school visit: West Ottawa High School)

Tuesday, March 11, Borders, 7:00PM
43075 Crescent Blvd, NOVI, MI 48375
(Daytime school visit: Novi High School)

Wednesday, March 12, daytime school visits: Naperville North High School and Naperville Central High School (with Anderson's Book Shop), NAPERVILLE, IL

Thursday March 13, Borders, 7:00PM
1 N. La Grange Road, LAGRANGE, IL 60525
(Daytime school visit: Lyons Township High School)

Tuesday, March 18, Barnes & Noble, 7:00PM
1149 S. Main St., WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596
(Daytime school visit: Monte Vista High School)

Wednesday, March 19, Daytime school visit: San Mateo High School with Books, Inc., SAN MATEO, CA

Tuesday, April 8, Borders - Superstition Springs Mall, 7:00PM (w/Cassandra Clare)
6555 E. Southern Ave., MESA, AZ 85206

Wednesday, April 9, Changing Hands, 7:00PM (w/Cassandra Clare)
6428 S McClintock Dr., TEMPE, AZ 85283
(daytime school and library events)

Thursday, April 10, Phoenix Book Company, 5:30PM (w/Cassandra Clare)
4134 East Wood St. Ste 290, PHOENIX, AZ 85040
(daytime school events)


Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa...I'm one of your backspace collegues. After your book tour, I'd love for you to blog about your experiences. Favorite stores...whether your publisher kicked in any costs...were you able to get any media along the way...would you do it all again? That sort of stuff...whatever you'd care to share. I wish you were coming to Minnesota.
Julie Kramer
(coming July 15 from Doubleday)

Lisa McMann said...

Hey Julie -- I'll definitely be blogging about the tour in some capacity.

Thanks for stopping by! I love the premise for your book -- I can just imagine all the Susans on that one day each year waiting for something horrible to happen. High tension!

Schnookie said...

I just received notification from amazon that they have shipped my copy of Wake and I should receive it on March 4th. WOOHOO! So excited. I will still venture out to the local Books a Million store with my camera in the hopes of getting a pic of your book on display.

Can't wait to read it.

Melissa Walker said...

I am totally impressed that you HAVE a book tour!

And... I’ve tagged you for a meme on my latest blog. Here are the rules:

1/ you link back to the person who tagged you.
2/ post these rules on your blog.
3/ share six unimportant things about yourself.
4/ tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5/ let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Sasha said...

I have in my hot little hands a copy of WAKE with an exceptional picture of the author on the back cover flap. Get yourself one!!!

Monstah said...

I am off to order your book-- right after I tell you how gosh darn happy I am for you! Let me know when you come to New England.

I'm super excited to read your book!

xo xo xo

*big smooch*

Lisa McMann said...

Woo hoo! Thanks guys. Melissa -- I will get to this meme one day, I promise. Sasha, so glad you got it! and WOW, a Monstah sighting. Thanks for stopping by -- I can't seem to get to your blog to say hello.



Misque Writer said...

Yeah, I'd also love to hear about how the tour goes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, intead of going to san mateo high school come to Aragon High School pleaseeeeee! Our campus is prettier and cleaner, just kidding but not really. I read Wake in 2 hours yesterday and it was so amazing I wanted to pick it up and read it again the second I finished. Awesome!!!

Breezy said...

Holy crap! I'm glad I checked. You'll be here Monday night! Ayla and I will be there, I'm printing a map to the bookstore now!

Lisa McMann said...

Yay, Breezy! See you Monday!

Anonymous from Aragon HS -- that's like the coolest high school name ever! Hope you can come to the evening book signing if I don't make it to Aragon!



Anonymous said...

If the evening book signing is at San Mateo High then I am totally going to go even if I have to walk. Go Aragon Dons!! I'll just have to scowl at all the San Mateo students (except friends). Just kidding, I seriously lack school spirit. Wow, I'm lame. Back to homework...

Bravie said...

Hey!!! who are these Bearcat bashers? *glares*
LOL. It's funny, my only friends with children in high school, have all their kids at Aragon. San Mateo was much better. *grin*
I am still waiting to see if your SMHS talk is open to anyone. If so, I will be there with my Mom.
I am trying to get someone to go to the Walnut Creek signing though. I would love to make it to an actual book signing. My fingers are crossed for that. Either way, I will see you in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.

Syren said...

I am just wondering if there will be any Atlanta signings?

And to offer you wonderous congrats!!!

Katherine said...

Yay Lisa! Thanks for coming to La Grange! *hugs dream diary*