Saturday, March 15, 2008

San Francisco, here I come!

Woo hoo, this will be my first time in San Francisco and I can't wait!

Here are my events as I know them:

--Tuesday, March 18, Barnes & Noble, 7:00PM
1149 S. Main St., WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596
(Daytime school visit: Monte Vista High School)

--Wednesday, March 19, Daytime school visit: San Mateo High School with Books, Inc., SAN MATEO, CA. We'll be selling and autographing books on-site at SMHS.

Can't wait to see you there! Don't forget there's a dank* WAKE gift raffle thingy at the B&N evening signing!

*dank --- awesome or cool (courtesy of my friends at Lyon Township High School in LaGrange, IL)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm a fan of Wake and I wanted to let you know that I've started a "review" process for the YA fantasies that I've been reading. It's just my personal blog, not for a magazine or paper, but I just reviewed Wake so feel free to stop by and check it out.

Lisa McMann said...

I don't have a livejournal account and wasn't able to comment on your site, but here's what I tried to post:

Thank you so much. Not just for the review, but for alerting me to it via my blog.

I am grateful.


Lisa McMann

I hope you check back so you know how much I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hello i had a question. when does FADE come outI just read WAKE today (yes all of it) and i really liked it so ya...


Lisa McMann said...

Hi person,

Fade comes out February 24, 2009.


Erica said...

You are going to Love the West Coast!
Hope the tour is going great!


RedHairBlackGlasses said...

Hey! I wish you were coming to Atlanta on your book tour! I read your book a coupld of nights ago (yes, in one night because I am an uber-geek) and I loved it! I can't wait until 'Fade' comes out next year. I am a writer myself (as in I go to school for creative writing but no one reads the books I write, lol...) and your writing style really inspired me. Anyway, I will shut up now. I hope your book tour goes well! COME TO ATL!


Lisa McMann said...

Hi buggy -- I had a great time in SF. Loved it there. The tour and the weather was awesome.

Red, thanks! Good luck with your writing.