Friday, April 03, 2009

Cincinnati and NYC

My computer tells me it's 3:41 a.m. I think I may have to change computer to Eastern Daylight Savings Time to make myself feel awesome about being awake at this hour.


If I can get me a glass of good old ice cold Midwest tap water, I will be a happy woman. Growing up in Michigan has some excellent benefits.

*waves* to mommy and daddy up north, just one state away.

Okay, so. Today.7pm, Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati.

Saturday, 12:30, B&N West Chester.

Please come!

The hotel manager (David, who rocks) at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco said I could keep Miss Spoobin, so she will be with me as my special guest.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. McMann!
Thank you so much for coming to Cincinnati! You have helped make one of MY dreams come true. (I'm the one who screamed with my friend over Mrs. Spoobin and sang you a pretty terrible, spontaneous, rap song). I think I'm going to frame the napkins:)Thanks for everything. I WILL dream big:)