Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's talk about email

I am excited to say that both WAKE (paperback) and FADE made the NYT Bestseller lists this week, both at number ten. That's ten weeks for FADE. Pretty cool milestone. Also, FADE made it onto Publishers Weekly's list as well for the second time.

Also exciting? Check out the FUNKY cover for the UK/Australia edition of WAKE. I think it comes out in November!

It was a fun week, no? However, the week was frustrating, too. My email was acting up. Behaving badly. Very naughty. But it appears to be working again. The sad thing is that I lost about a week's worth of fan email. So if you wrote to me through my website form anytime from April 7 - 13, please feel free to write to me again and I'll try to respond as quickly as I can.

If you wrote before April 7 or after April 13, I have your email, I just didn't have a chance to respond yet. I'm running about a month behind. Thanks for being patient.

Let me answer a few of your burning questions now:

1. I have not sold movie rights yet. I don't have any control over making a movie. I write books, Hollywood people make movies. If someone from Hollywood wants to make a WAKE movie, I will be sure to let you know.

2. GONE is the third and final book in the WAKE trilogy. It will come out next spring, likely February or March. I will not post a summary of it until I have one, and then I will. No, I don't know when that will be. :) I will also post the cover when I have it.

3. I have been suddenly inundated with requests for book donations for auctions, charities, library fundraisers, and other worthy causes. I love to donate books. I'm generous and like to help people. However, I am running out of books, money for postage, and time to do mailings and stand in line at the post office. I'm really sorry.

Also, I have to ask you a favor.

If you've written an email to me, and I've written back, I'm probably in your address book. And when you forward your chain email/jokes/etc to your entire address book, you send it to me (and all the other authors you've ever written to). This? Is not fun for us, especially when a lot of you do it. Please don't send us your junk mail. I know you didn't realize you were doing it, and it's okay. But now you know. Thank you for taking me out of your address book! :)

Thanks all!


A.S. King said...

That cover is AWESOME!! Rock on McMann!

Kendall said...

Really cool cover lisa!!! Ur amazing!

Pepe said...

Hey Wheezy... love the different look of the UK/Aussie cover! I'd like to get a copy of one if it should ever make its way over to North America or if I should happen to find myself in England one day.

Keep it up, you're on a major roll and *snif* it's amazing that we knew ye way back when 'Wake' was merely a zygote in your mind. :-)

K Cutter said...

Congratulations on two NYT Best Sellers!!! Wow! And cool new Aussie version! Can't wait to get one. I guess it's the same but with superfluous u's?

Zen of Writing said...

Love the cover art!! Congratulations!