Saturday, December 26, 2009

Read WAKE free!

Need a break from your winter break? Download WAKE for free between 12/26-12/31. You get 30 days to read it before it disappears.

Enjoy! Pick up FADE in paperback January 5. GONE hardcover comes out February 9.

Don't miss the GONE tour! If you want signed/personalized copies of my books but you're not near one of my tour stops, call one of the stores before my event there and order copies -- I'll sign it just for you and the store will ship it to you. GONE Tour.


Anonymous said...

This is AMAZINGLY Perfect! This is just what I need to get ready for the new one! =D

hannah r0x yoUR soX! said...

Thats pretty cool. :o)
I sent a link-to your site-to all my contacts. Even my mum.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming year!

Charlee Vale said...

I will definately try to be at the Dayton signing!


ParaJunkee said...

A very wonderful offer Lisa. Thank you very much. This will definitely spark interest in the series. I just finished reading my free digital copy and very much enjoyed it. You now have a new fan :) now have to get my hands on Gone.

I've spread the word on my own blog. Thanks so much! - Parajunkee

5peasinapod said...

Wow! Thanks for the free download. I can't wait and review it! Great start of my day!


Kim said...

Any chance you are coming to Belgium? ^^ (probably not, but there is no harm in asking I guess)