Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

My New Year's question to those of you who have been to book signings: What's the best thing about signings, and what's the worst? Also, what can authors do to make it even better? I've done many signings and would love to know what you love/hate about them. Please leave me a comment with details -- I want to do what I can to make my book signings worth your time.

In other 2010 news:

FADE comes out in paperback January 5. And GONE will finally be here February 9. Eeee!

My schedule is getting full for 2010. Check to see if I'm coming to a city near you.
Looking forward to meeting lots of fans! And if you are anywhere near Vero Beach, Florida, on February 27, I hope you'll come join me at my birthday signing. :D If I have to be away from family on my birthday, there's no better bunch of people to spend my day with than you. I may even bring a treat. Peanut butter for all!

Hope all your dreams come true in the new year.

Love and stuff,



Alyx Rrr said...

Your book signing was great! it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go to another one soon.
I like the Q&A and when you read from Gone. The only thing I didn't love was that at the signing I went to there wasn't enough seating :S. Clearly you had nothing to do with that but I think you should warn book stores how awesome you are and that they need to have more chairs.

Alex Flinn said...

I generally don't do signings unless the bookseller can tell me some sort of plan they have to get people to go to the signing (such as inviting a specific school group). . . or I have a plan (such as a big e-mail list). That said, even if only a few people come, sometimes, those can be good people. I always think it's good to get out there.

Once, early in my career, I had a raffle for a free school visit at a signing. Only a few educators showed up, and the winner was someone I already knew, so I was a little disappointed. However, she invited a teacher from another school to the event. The teacher started to use my book in her school. The teacher then moved to another county, got on a book award committee, and created a snowball effect that ended up selling hundreds, maybe thousands of copies of the book. So you never know.

Liza Wiemer said...

Lisa, I am a fan of yours and a fellow author who has traveled all over the country doing books signings. I found that people are most interested in the "behind-the-scenes" stories about the characters, the author. I also have found that "bonus" extras that didn't make it into the book are thrilling for the audience. It could be passages about your character's lives you wrote and deleted, extra dreams you wrote, but didn't put in... As I am sure you know, people want to feel a connection to you, to your characters etc. Many people who come to your signings will have read your books and will be excited just to meet you. If you want to engage the audience and there is time, (besides having Q &A) you could pass out a 1 question quiz (who would have time to check more than that -a store associate is usually a great help if set up ahead of time) and then have a drawing for a little gift for those who had the correct answer. Hope this helps! Best wishes, Liza Wiemer and a happy, healthy, and SUCCESSFUL New Year! (I saw your request on Twitter and retweeted it!)

frootjoos said...

Hi Lisa! I'll be seeing you at one signing or another in the Los Angeles area. I went to quite a few signings for other authors last year. 1) I love hearing the author talk about their book--inspiration, answering questions, that kind of thing. 2) Eye contact. I know some authors are just trying to get through the line, but seriously, 2 seconds of eye contact, shake my hand, smile! Happy reader.

Alyson said...

Hi Lisa - I will hopefully be at the signing in LaVerne (Mrs. Nelson's). Some groups do well with Q & A and that can be fun. And since this will be the third book in the series people should have questions. Also, a little bit about the writing process, background stuff about the characters and the story, and maybe a deleted scene or two. I understand if the crowd is huge then it will be hard to interact much with the group, but it is always nice to have a couple of words as you are getting a book signed. Can't wait to see you, Alyson

Lisa McMann said...

This is awesome feedback -- keep it coming. Thank you all!

Hannah said...

I love it when the Authors just act like normal people. This year I met John Conolly and he was really entertaining and I learned a few things. He gave an entertaining speech and explained how he got to where he was. It was an inspiration to hear his story. It is also nice to just talk to Authors. I remember that when you came to our school my friends and I spent a good twenty minutes with you talking about how to get published. It was nice just to talk to you as a person who has experienced something we want to accomplish one day. I know you probably won't have a lot of time to talk to people, but fans really just want to get to know you. :D Can't wait for Gone! :D Hope this helps.

Mrs. Cabel haha said...

I love to go to signings. My friends think i am such a nerd because I think of the authors as the real celebrities rather than the singers and actors. At signings I feel as if the store rushes you through, I have never actually gotten more than one syllable out before I'm rushed out of the line. I get why but come on!I think you forgot to add D.C. to your tour list!

AmandaHewer said...

My favorite part of your signing was when you read us art of GONE. I also liked hearing other people's questions and your answers. When I went to yours in August (Novi, Michigan) I met this girl Alex from Canada. She was really cool, but I didn't think to ask for her MySpace or email or anything. Whoops. lol.
Alex! If you see this, my myspace is

I had a lot of fun at your signing!

Anonymous said...

The best kind of book signings are when the authors give out hershey kisses. I also like when the author tells you lots of behind the scene things that wee happening that you didn't know while reading the book.

Sab H. said...

This probably has nothing to do with authors, but to the reader its kind of frustrating when a purchase is required (I know, I totally understand why they do it) but to faithful readers who obviously already have the book, its limiting. It makes readers not want to buy the book until a signing comes, and I'm guessing that's so NOT what authors want.

Anyway, I loved your signing, I love to hear you talk about the writing process and what brought the books to life. I also love when authors talk as if the characters were real, but could not be there or something. Kelley Armstrong did that with Chloe and it was awesome!

Bethany Wiggins said...

Sounds like you have an amazing year on your hands. Congratulations on the upcoming books.

Anonymous said...


I cannot believe you are coming to Vero Beach! This is the best news ever. =]

I will be there...first in line. =]

See you in February.

<3 Chantal

Maryelizabeth Hart said...

Well, I can't promise kisses at Lisa and Becca's event, but we can certainly be careful to make sure no one feels rushed in the signing line at MG.