Monday, January 04, 2010

Fund Your Dreams Sweepstakes -- win $1000

STARTS 1/5/10! Ends 3/8/10.

Hey teen readers, remember last year when we did that cool essay contest and a very talented teen writer named Hosanna Kabakoro won $1000 toward furthering her life goals?

Well GUESS WHAT? My awesome publisher, Simon & Schuster, was so impressed with that contest that they decided to do ANOTHER CONTEST THIS YEAR in conjunction with the FADE paperback release (which is now -- go buy it)!

Isn't that awesome?

This year, instead of an essay, we are doing a Vlog contest -- a video blog. Because of legal issues, bleh bleh bleh, it's only open to residents of the US. And it's only for ages 14-18. I'm sorry to those of you who don't qualify, but it is what it is and I have no control over that.

The question you should be thinking about is "How are your dreams and goals like Janie’s?" Videotape yourself answering the question. You have two minutes or less to provide a convincing argument. Be creative! Be serious! Be funny! Just be anything but boring.

Please read all the instructions, even/especially the fine print, before you enter. There is NO HURRY -- you have until March 8. So make sure you do your best before sending it in -- no do-overs.

Find all the info on my website.
or in the back of the brand new FADE paperback. Go!

PS I get to pick the winner. And then I get to call you and be on the phone with you when you wet your pants with joy over winning $1000. Best. Job. Ever.


Shelby said...

Dangit...If only this lasted until May when I turn 14. e.e...

Wow, 20 more days till Gone? I remember when it was 120 days! xD

Anonymous said...

I'll be thirteen in April...i hate my age now )): I even know what i would do. Curse you, legal mumbo jumbo!

cabel and janie forever <3