Sunday, January 24, 2010

Countdown to GONE and tour info

We are getting close (Feb 9th is the official day!) and I'm so excited to start my tour. Click here to see all the details. As you can see, I'll be with the awesome Becca Fitzpatrick for the first leg of my tour, visiting these cities together:

Tempe, AZ
Oceanside, CA
San Diego, CA
LaVerne, CA
Long Beach, CA
Canoga Park, CA

Then I fly home (on Valentine's Day to see my hubby, yay!) and do some events locally for a few days:

Chandler, AZ
Some schools in the area
Tucson, AZ

And then I'm off to see more of North America:

St. Louis, MO (with the amazing Heather Brewer)
Decatur, GA
Tampa, FL
Coral Gables, FL
Vero Beach, FL (did I mention this event is on MY BIRTHDAY??)
Dayton, OH
Cincinnati, OH

and finally:

Toronto, ON, Canada!

I wish I could stop in everyone's city, but that's impossible! So sometimes we both have to travel in order to see each other, no? Hope to see you.



Miss Dormer said...

=) Can't wait to see you in Toronto!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

No one ever comes to Calgary. :( But that's okay, I still can't wait to read GONE.

Lisa, you must be getting excited. :D

Kim Harrington said...

I can't WAIT to buy GONE! Only a little over two weeks. Yahoooo!

Anonymous said...

Your coming to Canada !
I hope you you're close enough for me to be able to get there !

Anonymous said...

NO Houston, TX?
oh well, mabe on another tour.:D

Grupo C said...

COME TO BRAZILLL, PLEASE!!! WE LOVE YOU, HERE!! Can't wait for GONE's release, guess i'll just buy it in english anyway... can't wait for translation!! i'm so excited! =)

xoxo =3